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Equity Express is an OTC (Over-The-Counter) trading and back office administration platform that facilitates the buying and selling of shares in a transparent environment. Developed by Singular Systems, Equity Express provides our clients with the ability to create liquidity in their shares and the functionality necessary to manage the trading of restricted instruments, most commonly implemented in publicly traded BBBEE share schemes. Equity Express is a web-based software application where our clients’ shareholders, and their brokers, can securely load bids and offers to transact as well as view detailed portfolio information.

In total, our clients have traded the following in the last 30 days:

Number of Deals: 3 835
Number of Shares Traded: 2 792 304
Value of Shares Traded: 59 187 050

The OTC market provides an alternative to stock exchange listing for securities of issuers that either choose not to be listed on a stock exchange or do not meet the relevant listing requirements.

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